Our Services

Manufacturing logistics support increases efficiency and production.

We'll Handle Any Probles and Solve Them


Our Facilities Can Support Vendor Consolidation or Be Dedicated Retail Distribution Centers.

Fast Loading

With our modern tecnology we deliver goods and services all over the globe without delay.

Inventory Management

Flexx Global online order and inventory management system puts you in complete control. Place and track orders, manage access to materials, and get real -time reports around the clock, from anywhere in the world.


We will have our presence all over Canada, United States and Mexico. This will make our facilities all over North America..

Consumer Goods Logistics

op consumer brands trust Flexx Global to get their retail products to market via retail distribution, or direct-to-consumer fulfillment.

FlexxGlobal helps you to… Get products to market faster – 15 facilities across 7 U.S. campus locations. Avoid redundant infrastructures to serve multiple channels – manage B2B and B2C fulfillment from the same FlexxGlobal DC. Minimize chargeback penalties – through adherence to strict vendor compliance processes for retail logistics. Economically manage volume spikes – pay only for the space and services you need.


FlexxGlobal manufacturing logistics services help you decrease costs and increase production output at your assembly plant.

For a gas turbine maker, we sequence kits for assembly of products that are used in highly regulated industries.

For a vehicle manufacturer, we build complex kits that feed the assembly line.

For a maker of lockers, we assemble the final product in the warehouse to support a “build-to-order” strategy that minimizes finished goods inventory and improves cash flow.

For a bottling company, we stock raw materials and run a shuttle service between our dock and their plant.

Why We Do It Better

Order accuracy 99.7% for any reason including customer error and on time delivery of 99.95%. Capacity to fill 50000+ drop ship orders and 750,000+ bulk ship orders daily. Global fulfillment to over 75 countries Customized solutions for each client Leverage the best technology Superior Customer Service

What We Do

We service every vertical in supply chain including B2C and B2B for full end to end service. Specialty/Department Stores Food/Drug/Mass/Club Natural Channel All E-commerce outlets Independent stores Domestic & International operations.


Our sophisticated technology enables us to manage and ship B2C orders in under 6 hours and bulk (B2B) orders in 24 hrs. We have a dedicated in-house team of programmers, IT and customer service personnel to ensure we can systematical service any customer from Wal-Mart to Macy’s to your local Main Street pharmacy.

Marketing Fulfillment

With decades of experience running back-end fulfillment operations for marketing organizations, we know how to get your messages, materials and products to market quickly, accurately and cost-effectively – using both physical and electronic delivery channels. FlexxGlobal helps you to Streamline production – using prioritized batch pick lists for efficiency. Reduce costs – with high levels of accuracy and faster turnaround on production and fulfillment. Enhance your bottom line – we identify inefficiencies and recommend improvements to better manage your brand. Customize sales and marketing materials – our custom kitting and binding services can handle your largest and most complex projects.